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You're Invited, Come Along

I am writing this as a shell of a human. As we talked about yesterday, the one night only Josie and the Pussycats Album Release Party was last night and it's safe to say I LOST my mind.

Despite the fact that my love for Josie and the Pussycats is heavily documented on this blog, I'll give you another real quick rundown. This was the first PG-13 movie I ever saw and, until last night, I'd only ever seen the Walmart Family Friendly version. (Not much is different in case there's anyone else out there in the world who has only ever seen the Walmart edition.) Real talk though, it's a damn charming movie about friendship and following your dream that didn't get the love it deserved back in 2001.

It sure as hell got a lot of love last night.

Despite playing Josie, Rachael Leigh Cook didn't actually sing any of the songs on the album. That honor fell to Letter to Cleo singer, Kay Hanley. Kay, along with the original musicians who worked the album, started the night playing five or so songs off the album.

I can't tell you how many times in my life I've listened to 3 Small Words on my iPod or in my car and wished I could hear it live. Lemme tell y'all, it did NOT disappoint. I really think Kay Hanley was not expecting the welcome she received. She cried during one of the songs because this insane amount of love just hit her hard. She talks a lot about how much of a passion project this soundtrack was and last night was the first time she'd played those songs in sixteen years. Also, it was the first time those songs were ever played in front of an audience. Rachael Leigh Cook and Tara Reid danced in the audience to Spin Around and it was incredible

It was only five songs long, but damn if that wasn't the best concert I've ever been to.

There was a Q&A with the writer/directors, Kay, Tara Reid, and Rachael Leigh Cook. Rachael also started crying while answering a question because it's really forking clear that they love this movie. ALSO ROSARIO DAWSON SHOWED UP AND SURPRISED EVERYONE. She said she had to move mountains to get there, but she wouldn't miss it.

I feel like that's the mark of a worthwhile piece of pop culture or art or media or whatever you want to call it. The theatre was packed and everyone knew every single word to these songs from a fictional band that are sixteen years old. That just doesn't happen to every movie. What a rare gem and proof that you have to do and follow the things you're passionate about. If you make and do things with passion, you're gonna make something worthwhile.

Who knew a blog post about Josie and the Pussycats would turn into one about the importance of following your dreams? I DID BECAUSE THIS MOVIE'S A MASTERPIECE AND Y'ALL NEED TO GIVE IT THE LOVE IT DESERVES.

(Mom, I'm really sorry, but I'm not proofreading this. I went too hard at the concert and I'm about to pass OUT.)