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Finding Your Voice & Farming Subsidies

As we discussed yesterday, it is my birthday week. My last week of nobody liking me. (That was a really topical reference to my current age and I know it's going right over my parents' heads. Oh, well.) Speaking of my parents though, my mother got so frustrated with my lack of proofreading that she emailed me yesterday and asked for the log-in to this account. Bless my mother. She said I was taking years off her life, so I'm glad I could bring her peace.

Today's quote of the day comes from my favorite movie. (Hence why I brought up my birthday. I'm not THAT self-centered.) That movie is Rocket Science, it's from 2007, and I think four total people have seen this movie??? It was a small HBO film that made nothing at the box office, but it went to Sundance.

It's about a boy named Hal Hefner who has a very intense stutter that makes him a little closed off to the people in his grade. The movie starts with his dad leaving the family the same night as the New Jersey Debate Championship. The debate topic was farming subsidies and Hal's parents' marriage ended because of a suitcase. Hence the quote.

Someone once told me there's never a need to have a narrator/voiceover in a movie. I think that person is an utter fool. This movie has a narrator whose identity we never know. It doesn't seem like it's Hal looking back from the future or someone he knows now, but just an omnipresent voice. He has the clear, strong, articulate voice that Hal so desperately desires. He's the one who speaks the line for the quote of the day, which I had to cut down to fit. Since this might be one of my all-time favorite quotes from any facet of pop culture, I'm gonna give you the whole quote here:

And if you don't know how farming subsidies could inspire all this commotion, then you don't know life and there's nothing to be said about it. Suitcases end marriages and farming subsidies launch cataclysms.

The movie turns into Hal being coerced into joining the debate team to impress a cute girl in his class named Ginny Ryerson. Obviously, debate does not come easily to a boy who has a stutter. It's a very charming coming-of-age movie about finding your voice, told from the point of view of a boy whose voice is wildly uncertain. I don't know what else to tell you, except that, if you really love me and want me to have a happy birthday, you'll watch this movie.

BUT, because I am awful at accepting gifts and much prefer to give gifts, this giveaway is still going on. Read my damn book, okay???

Sorry, that was very aggressive. I just want you to read this book of mine that I don't think I hate anymore??? Positive growth???

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