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Look at this new location for the photo today. The man behind the board is my dad whose RV broke down and he is BACK, y'all. He not only supplied the quote of the day today, but he is also forcing me to watch a movie called Beauty & the Briefcase. It's a 2010 ABC Family movie starring Hilary Duff and it is a MESS.

Basically, she's a freelance writer who gets a big break with a cover story for Cosmo about finding the dream guy. She's a nutcase who has this insane list of requirements for her "magic man." Um...this movie is rough. Like it's a very bad good time. Complete with royalty free music and truly horrendous acting. And a men's fashion montage??? No one asked for that. Men's fashion looks the same so the entire montage seems worthless????? Like, wow what a nice navy suit. Oh my godddd, a black suit??? Incredible. There's a reason nobody does montages for dudes.

(Only one men's fashion montage in pop culture is a good time and that is Take It Like A Man from Legally Blonde the Musical. Which, people really need to listen to me when I say that Legally Blonde is a damn good musical.)

This movie is filled with Hilary Duff's incessant voiceover about OH MY GOD THERE ARE SO MANY MEN and how love will never find her??? Like, we get it. Here's the thing; she's entirely irredeemable. There's nothing about Hilary Duff's character that makes you want to root for her to find her dream guy. The guy she DOES end up with deserves a hell of a lot more than her. This whole mess of a movie ends with them saying they love each other and the dude carries her out of a board room bridal style. Honestly, I highly recommend this movie. Truly. I have not laughed this hard at a comedy in a WHILE. Some may say my laughter is misguided, but I say you're wrong.

The world is a dark and heavy place right now and I think we could all use a little bit of mindless laughter. Put a little love out into the world. It'd do us all some good.