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My Dad Doesn't Love Me Enough to Write This Blog for Me

Let's get it out of the way now. This is the easiest way out, but, guys, I am very tired. My father has also taken over my apartment and there was no room on the table for me to write this blog. I am writing it from my bed and if you thought I really had the motivation to get up from my bed to put a quote on the letterboard, you may know literally nothing about me.

I asked my dad to take pity on me and write this blog for me, but he scoffed and said no. How rude.

Since my dad is in town, we've been doing touristy kind of things in the Los Angeles area. We went to Hollywood by the Chinese Theatre and he hated it. Thought it made Times Square look beautiful. He went to the car museum by himself today while I worked. (Yeah, I worked and he relaxed at a museum, but somehow I still had to write this post on my own blog. Doesn't seem fair.) The other day, I took him to Amoeba and he bought two CDs? Any guesses as to which two CDs my father purchased? You will literally never guess it. Something called The Very Best of Bond...James Bond 007 and the soundtrack to the 2007 Hairspray.

What a wild guy.

Speaking of wild, yesterday morning, my dad and I went to West Covina. Until like a year ago, West Covina meant literally nothing to either one of us, but The CW has a very charming show called Crazy Ex-Girlfriend that's almost an ode to West Covina. The show's about a very stressed, high-powered lawyer, Rebecca, who is about to get the promotion she's worked toward, but, when the time comes, she doesn't feel happy. She can't figure out why she's not happy if this job was everything she was working toward.

Rebecca runs out of the meeting and runs into a her summer camp fling, Josh. He tells her that he's leaving New York to go back home because he misses West Covina. Rebecca hears the way he describes West Covina and she's like, fork, this might be the answer to my happiness problem. So, she picks up and moves west. West Covina, that is.

Anyway, we took a self-guided two-stop tour of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend's West Covina.

Probably the weirdest thing that exists in West Covina is Big League Dreams. There's a character in the show who used to work at a baseball themed bar by a whole bunch of baseball fields. When I watched the show, I was like what a weird setting to anchor a show with. Apparently, it's based on this weird place, Big League Dreams.

Basically, it's a sports complex full of baseball fields that are modeled after MLB stadiums. Like....cool, but also, why??


West Covina, what you doin'? I mean, I didn't hate it, but it also very much confused me.

Our expectations were very low, but, hey, West Covina, you were nice and clean, so you definitely exceeded them. Will I be back? Maybe. Y'all had good coffee and I really want to go to a little league tournament at this weird park.

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