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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Birthday Aftermath

Listennnnnnnn I know you all got used to getting these posts early in the A.M., but I am getting back into the swing of things, okay? Slowly, but surely things will be back to normal around here.

Did you guys enjoy the guest blog from my mom? What a cool lady, huh? I read it yesterday after I dropped my parents off at the airport. I was putting it off because I knew I'd cry and I did cry. Listen, it was sweet and nice and just TOO MUCH to handle. (But also, Mom, plz write more. You have fans!!)

While my dad did not write a blog for my birthday, he did hide 24 post-it notes around my apartment to celebrate my birthday. It is wildly disconcerting that I've only found about eight. WHERE ARE THEY ALL???

Today's quote comes from the season one finale of Supergirl. I can't wait for it to come back for its second season tonight!!!!!

What do you mean there's already been a second season? That doesn't sound right.

OH, you mean the season that focused entirely on that SLAVE-OWNING bland piece of white bread? I guess the show's still called Supergirl even if the main character's not Supergirl anymore?

Will all that change this season??? We'll find out.

Remember the good old days when Supergirl was the star of her own show? And she had love interests, but those stories never stood in the way of her learning about herself? And how she was allowed to be multi-faceted and flawed and still a hero? Seems so long ago.

The CW released a clip from tonight's episode of a VERY angry Kara telling Alex that she doesn't feel sad or anything about choosing to banish her boyfriend from the planet to save the world because emotions are weak and reserved for humans. And she is NO human. Make no mistake, I am all for Kara expressing anger because girl's got a lot to be angry about, BUT it just feels so horribly dumbed down to reduce her feelings to what is basically glorified "boy troubles."

Her entire world was blown to smithereens. The only living reminder of her home is a man who doesn't even remember it. She lost her Kryptonian aunt at the hands of her adopted Earth sister. But the thing that decimates Kara Zor-el is a BOY?! And, for The CW to have the AUDACITY to frame it so that Mon-el is Kara's Lois Lane, they sure as short did NOT spend any time writing a remotely similar caliber story. The Kara Danvers of season one would've never dated Mon-el to begin with but I digress.

I will hold the rest of my opinions until I actually watch the episode tonight, but rest assured, those opinions are coming at ya tomorrow. Complete with italics and all caps and snark and maybe, hopefully enjoyment???? (JK, there's always love for National City's sweetheart, Lena Luthor.)