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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

DC's Legends of Tomorrow is the Best Show You're Not Watching

Hello. everyone! Do you know what comes back today?? Everyone's favorite time traveling disasters, DC's Legends of Tomorrow!!

That's genuine excitement. This show is a very, very fun mess. Time and again, people try to shy away from sincerity in the media. They create these very ~serious~ pieces of fiction that will offer tongue in cheek sincerity without going all the way because for some dumb reason people think that real, true sincerity is weak.

You know what's weak? Thinking that you're too good for sincerity.

Nobody's too good for it. Especially now. Especially where we are in the state of the world. The last thing we should be doing is removing sincerity and softness from the media we create and consume. I've had ENOUGH of the grizzled anti-heroes. Give me the plucky reluctant heroes who have no choice BUT to save the world because they want to make it a better place. Give me the Diana Princes of the world.

Give me the Legends of Tomorrow.

Now that I've talked too long about a show that nobody watches, let's talk about myself and how I am joining the workforce. Yayyyyyy. On a studio lot. Double yayyyyyy. Yep, today's my first day on undisclosed studio lot, so wish me luck.

You might be thinking, But, Tina, what about your super lucrative grocery shopping job?! Don't you worry, dear reader, that's not going anywhere. I think it might be the best job I've ever had??? That is, until, somebody actually finally pays me for writing books or this weird blog. But, until then, I will stand by my weird love for this grocery shopping job. It's fun? I enjoy myself? I can't believe there are jobs out there that don't drive you up a wall at the end of the day???

It's proof that hope is real.