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The Gays are Back in Town (Supergirl 3.01 Recap)


LENA LUTHOR BOUGHT CATCO FOR KARA DANVERS AND IF THAT’S NOT THE GAYEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN, tell me where you hang out because I need more gay friends. Ahem.

The long awaited Supergirl reviews are BACK everybody and lemme just say off the bat, Lena Luthor is an angel amongst peasants.

Do you know how pleasant this episode was without Mon-el???? James spoke more than five lines??? The storyline focused on Kara Zor-el???? Alex Danvers acted her ass off??? Lena Luthor was very lovely and very Irish??? She's really out there buying companies for her gal pal and tearing down sexist men. Like what a woman.

Also, Cat Grant becoming the White House Press Secretary was a goddamn delight.

So, here's the thing; I'm still against Kara's angst being derived from a place of choosing to send Mon-el away. Kara reminds the audience that Clark said that he didn't know if he could've made the decision she made. And that makes a whole bunch of sense because the Clark Kent/Lois Lane love story is one for the ages. It's one people know even if they know very little about comic books. It's the same thing as Romeo and Juliet. Even if you've never read the play, you know that Romeo and Juliet are destined to be together.

Despite trying to bill Kara and Mon-el as star-crossed lovers with as much emotional heft as Clark/Lois, the storytelling just wasn't there last season to pack the same emotional punch. They knew each other for one season. One measly season. They didn't even date until the back half. Like...you're trying to tell me that a half-a-season romance holds the same weight as Clark and Lois??? Get outta hereeeeeee. It just doesn't. Kara and Mon-el didn't even know each other as kids before their worlds died. Even that would've given it more weight and would've made Kara's reaction seem more earned.

Somehow, Mon-el, the world's worst SLAVE-OWNING boyfriend, is the reason that Kara thinks her time spent trying to be a human was a mistake. And that will always disappoint me because that anger she expresses and her kind of angsty soul-searching does feel warranted due to everything she's been through. Girl has been sent through the ringer. But bringing this wave of emotion about because of Mon-el will always feel cheap to me. Am I mad that it was Mon-el's voice telling her to wake up in the water? You betcha. Because her journey shouldn't be about him. It should be about herself and the family and world she left behind. Let a woman's story be about herself and not a boy.

Speaking of women, Lena the lesbian Luthor unveiled a Supergirl statue toward the end of the episode and it was really somethin'. She really out-gayed herself. Like I've done some pretty outrageous things for girls I've had crushes on, but I've NEVER unveiled a massive statue I made for them. I've come close, though. So, A+, Lena Luthor, thank you for giving me LGBT representation I can truly relate to.

And, I know there was that whole thing at Comic Con about the cast poking fun at the fan theory of Kara and Lena, but lookie here, CW, if you didn't want people to think Kara and Lena are flirting, THEN STOP CODING THEIR SCENES AS ROMANTIC. Like I'm starting to believe you're putting those slow piano ballads as the soundtrack to their scenes purposefully.

I'd just like to say that THE SCENE OF KARA FLOATING IN THE WATER IS SOME GOOD CINEMATOGRAPHY. Sorry, I got so carried away, but??? That was a pretty pretty shot. I'd also like to talk to the hair/make-up department about Kara's hair. Specifically, how the fork does it look so good all the time???

I was NOT prepared to watch Alex ask J'onn to walk her down the aisle. Can't wait for none of this to matter when they write out Maggie's character in three more episodes. It was such a cute moment. It felt very much like something from season one. Alex's little quip about how J'onn can't cry because then she'll cry and then the rest of the DEO agents will know that they're actually capable of crying was charming. CHARMING I tell you. Truly, this whole episode felt a lot closer to the first season than the majority of whatever happened last year.

I'm cautiously excited???

While I will never like what they did to Kara's character in season two and I will never like Mon-el's character, I do love Lena Luthor and Reign. I think they've made themselves invaluable to this rebirth. (I know Reign just showed up and I forget what her pedestrian name is, BUT I stand by what I said.)

All in all, I've got hope. Which is more than I had a week ago, so I'm counting this as a successful season premiere.