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Supergirl & Golf Carts

Hello, everybody!! We're going low budget today because I am very tired and I have a splitting headache. YAY!! Also, sorry, Dad. I know you complained when I used to do this before, but I am SUFFERING.

Anyway, I'm writing this super fast because I am now employed and between both of my jobs plus actually trying to write a book, I suddenly have no time on my hands??? (I did have enough time to watch the premiere of Supergirl on Monday, though, and I put up my thoughts kinda late last night, so check it out if ya missed it.)

Also, I just want to give a heads up since I know this blog is your favorite thing about every single day, but I may be getting slightly more inconsistent as the days go on and we get closer to the holidays. I know, I'm already very inconsistent as is, but I'd just like you to further lower your expectations. That way, if I somehow manage to upkeep this blog and my jobs without losing my sanity, you all will be very impressed with me and I thrive off of random internet support.

Today's quote is from Supergirl because, I'm sorry, but I'm just very jazzed about this show again. Sue me, I've got a positive outlook on the future of this season. I'm sure this must be shocking everyone since I haven't really said a nice thing about Supergirl since 2015.

Just to update you all with my job life; I am being taught proper golf cart technique later this week.

I feel like that'll be the moment I'll feel like I made it, y'know? Like I'm really in Hollywood. It wasn't seeing the Hollywood sign or randomly passing celebrities in malls or driving down Sunset Boulevard or anything like that. No, no. It'll be driving a golf cart on a studio lot. I made it, Mom. (And Dad, but the saying is just "mom." Dad, I'm not leaving you out.)