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Huckleberry Finn & Question Marks

Excuse that kooky looking "K" in the word "looked." The letterboard does not have enough letters for me. So, anybody know where I can get some more???

Hi, yes, today is Friday and I am aware that there was no playlist Thursday yesterday, even after I PROMISED a dear reader that I would tear Glee apart offer my opinion on the worst songs from Glee. I feel TERRIBLE, but I did do some brainstorming, so rest assured that it is coming. I promise! I would never pass up a chance to talk about Glee, so I want to put my whole heart into it, y'know?

I have just been tragically employed??? I feel like my apartment and my life have been in disarray for the past two weeks. I finally have a day off on Monday and a shorter shift on Sunday, so fingers crossed I get everything back in working order.

Today's quote comes from Kerrigan and Lowdermilk's song, I'm Sorry. I've talked about them before I think?? I'm pretty sure I have. If you don't like musicals, but you want to start liking musicals, start with them. I remember listening to their song, The Bad Years, when I was younger. The whole song is about being a lost twenty-something. Li'l sixteen-year-old me was like, it can't be that bad, but they truly hit the nail on the head in that song.

BUT that's not the song we're talking about today. Truthfully, I don't know much about this song, so I'm really glad I decided to use it as the quote. I don't even like the Huckleberry Finn book by Mark Twain, but I find this lyric, and subsequent verse, utterly charming.

I saw your freckled face and I fell in love. Love looked a lot like Huckleberry Finn. Love had me running round in circles and singing it in the choir. I dreamed of raising baby turtles when we retire.

Like, how quirky and sweet???

That's about all I've got for today. I've been forcing myself to be an adult and actually get a good night's sleep every night???? Judging by the immense amount of question marks in this blog post, it's clear that I don't even know what's going on in my life. Am I growing into the adult I'm supposed to be??? It also just dawned on me that I am now in my twenty-fifth year and I'm not okay???

Okay, okay, I'll stop with the question marks. Even I can eventually figure out when enough is enough, and enough is now enough. Plus, I'm about to go fall asleep to the season premiere of Legends of Tomorrow. Sara Lance, I've missed you.