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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Miss Lonelyhearts and Whooshy ID Cards

So, the full quote of this is as follows:

"Come or don't come," the music seemed to say. "I love you and my love is enough." It was a simple statement of fact neither cry nor serenade. Made without arrogance or humility.

Now that I'm typing this out, I feel like I've used this quote before, but since I have ZERO means of keeping track of the quotes I've used, I'm gonna use it again. It's from Nathanael West's The Day of the Locust. Why on earth I sought out Nathanael West in high school is a mystery to me. We were supposed to pick an older book to use for a paper and I somehow found this one??? I read this one and Miss Lonelyhearts and I wish I could offer some explanation, but I can't. I remember them being very dark, but I have no motivation to read their Wikipedia pages.

The main reason I'm not looking it up is because I am at a coffee shop. What's that? Me splurging two dollars for a coffee that I didn't have to make??? That's basically heaven. (Sorry about the budget, Mom, but it's been a wild week. I feel like I deserve it. It's also my birthday month soooooooo it's excusable.) (Also, you're on your girls' trip, so I'll be able to skate through for a few days unnoticed.)

Why has my week been wild? Employment, y'all. I still work my grocery shopping job and my studio lot job. Listen, one of the best things about the studio lot job is that I have an ID card on one of those whooshy clips. You know the ones I mean. The ones with the retractable string that you can just whip out when need be. It's been my dream to have one, so there's proof, kids, that dreams really do come true.

Speaking of dreams coming true, (I'll be honest, I started this sentence with no intention of where it was gonna go, so let's just blow past it).

OH! Speaking of dreams coming true, if anyone wants to pay for me to fly to New York City to see Bruce Springsteen on Broadway, I would write you a poem as payment in kind. Help a poor Californian out.