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Guest Post: How Stick It Made Me Gay...For Female Empowerment


(Hi, this is Tina. No need to adjust your computer screens. Three blog posts in one day??? And this one's a guest post??? That's right. I have a real actual person who I bullied volunteered to write a guest post on my blog. Am I finally doing this blog thing right??) So, this has to be a little weird because I'm definitely not Tina Kakadelis. I promise she hasn't been body snatched, she has just decided (for some reason guys I don't get it either) to let me spew my love for the movie Stick It all over her blog. I would be grateful except the truth behind this really is that she has been bullying me to write this for probably around an entire month now. So, hello. Hi. I did it. Your girl Tina is awfully pushy. (Wow, so rude and probably very accurate - Side comment from Tina)

Should I introduce myself, or should we simply keep it at "Bisexual-Woman-Who-Is-Overly-Enthusiastic-About-How-Queer-Stick-It-Is?" That's a mouthful but I'm stickin' with it. Eh! Get it? Stickin? Oh god, Tina's blog, I am so sorry about all of this, but I fear it’s only the beginning so buckle up because I am not a writer and this is gonna be a trip.

I need you all (if you haven't already) to sit down and focus on this patriarchy smashing cinematic masterpiece about, you guessed it. Gymnastics! Okay, it sounds absurd but hear me out. The main character Hayley is the most attractive butch queer (this is implied, but early 2000's baby gay beggars can't be choosers) babe, this incredible story is filled with endearing characters, and bomb ass color filled shots. Oh, and the soundtrack?! It's golden. Blink 182? GreenDay? Fall Out Boy?

Okay, sorry thirteen-year-old me just lost it. I'm chilling out. I'm calm.

Did I mention the color aesthetic of the shots? I did? Okay good, because let me tell you it’s worth bothering you all about. (Honestly. The DP should've been paid a million dollars for this movie because it's shockingly well-done. I shed a tear because of some of the shots. It's not your average teen movie. - Side comment from Tina.)

I can't say enough good things about this heartfelt female centric film. The last fifteen minutes have me on my feet cheering every single time watch it. It's that film that leaves me feeling like I can punch my life problems just like Hayley punches the air in her sick floor routine at worlds. Yep, air punching. I don’t know why and I don’t know who decided this was good gymnastics choreography, but I support them fully.

Truthfully, the most wonderful thing about Stick It is how in the end it becomes a tale of women supporting women. I can’t tell you how valuable I think this lesson is without becoming some emotional crazy person. It’s important. Hayley and all of the other gymnast end up cheering on each other as they kick butt in competition as they decide to join together and fight against some patriarchal bull hockey being thrust upon them from the judges.

OH MAN, I haven't even mentioned the most ridiculous part? Jeff Bridges. Buddy, you lost? How did you get here Jeff? I'm not sure how but I'm definitely not complaining. He is one of the few men in this film, and I'm not mad that they somehow coerced him into this bizzarr-o gay classic.

I guess I’m just really trying to share this little piece of my young gay life. These things become so important later, that you can look back and see things and thing “Oh, these are the pieces of my human puzzle.” I don’t know what it says of me that a butch lesbian doing gymnastics shaped me as a human, but I like to think it’s something special.

(Um, so this was great. Everyone tell Bisexual-Woman-Who-Is-Overly-Enthusiastic-About-How-Queer-Stick-It-Is that she did a great job and maybe I'll get more days off she'll write more. Also, does anyone else want to share the movie they watched in their youth that attributed to their queer awakening??? I feel like that's quality content. Did I just create a new segment on this show??? Maybe I'll do mine next week, but if there's any queer person out there who wants to share the film that helped them realize they were queer, please let me know.)