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I Finally Join the Cultural Mainstream

I think I've mentioned my love for Veronica Mars on this blog before, but if not, it bears repeating. Also, I might alienate people with this, but know that this blog is aggressively pro-Logan Echolls. I don't wanna HEAR it with your Piz or Duncan nonsense. Logan Echolls 'til this blog dies.

The quote today is from an episode from the second season where my boy Logan is very drunk and talking to Veronica and he's like, "I thought our love story epic, you know, you and me." And then Veronica's like, "Epic how?" And then Logan says the quote on the letterboard and Veronica's like, "You really think a relationship should be that hard?" And then my boy's like, "No one writes songs about the ones that come easy." And I'm like, DAMN SON GET YOUR GIRL. (Not his girl in some weird misogynistic way, but just like destiny, y'know?) (Also, maybe I should just recount my favorite fictional moments???) (JK, I know that's not good content, but I'm not gonna delete my recounting of Veronica and Logan.)

Anyway, now that I've outed myself as a hopeless romantic for a fictional heterosexual TV couple, let's move forward.

I feel like I should tell you all this life update; I have officially started watching Friends for the first time in my life. How I made it twenty-four years without seeing a full episode is a mystery to me.

I'm five episodes in and I think I'm moderately enjoying myself??? I really don't like Ross and I don't think I'm going to like him as the seasons go on. I feel like I'll like him less and less.

HOWEVER, I do relate to him marrying a lesbian and being hopelessly in love with Rachel Green because I am in love with Rachel Green. Jennifer Anniston is a total '90s babe and maybe my dream girl??? All of her denim and tied crop tops and flannel are just too much. Ross does NOT deserve her. (Sorry, Mom, I know you irrationally hate her.)

Is that an unpopular opinion? Don't people like them together? Also, I thought Chandler and Monica were a couple from the beginning like Lily and Marshall from How I Met Your Mother. I like Monica and I think I like Joey and I guess Chandler. I don't know. I think the only characters I have dramatic opinions about are Rachel  and Ross. Only one of those opinions is positive.

I just checked and there are TEN SEASONS APPARENTLY??? Do I love Rachel Green this much??? Stay tuned and we'll find out.