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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Budgets & Haunted Houses

Mother, relax. I am NOT spending money like the way it likes to rain. I will admit, I was about to go get dinner after work because I worked late last night, BUT I didn't. No, no. I did the whole You-Have-Food-At-Home spiel in my head.

And I did make it home...and then I got home and went on Postmates and I was about to order tacos from this place called The Great White Hut which is a weird shack apparently? Anyway, long, boring story short, I didn't buy food. Aren't you so proud, Mom??

So, last night I worked late at a haunted house and lemme tell ya, it was wild. I have been through haunted houses before and, tragically, one time I had to act in a haunted house. Last night, I was just in charge of making sure no one bit it on the stairs. People got really close to falling. Is it wrong that I found the screams of people scared funny?

I feel like that doesn't make me a sociopath, right? Like since they're not actually being tortured or anything. I don't know. I feel like now you guys all think I'm nuts now, but I'm not worried about it. It's genuinely hilarious to watch adult men get terrified by faux-bloody teenagers.

What else is new?

OH, if y'all haven't seen The Big Sick, I need you to change that. It's a movie about a stand-up comedian named Kumail who's doing a show one night when a very cute girl, Emily, jokingly heckles him. It's real cute. Anyway, Kumail's parents want him to be a doctor and to marry a Pakistani girl, but he wants to do stand-up and Emily is very white and distinctly not Pakistani.

He's kinda torn between his family and this really great girl and then, all of a sudden, Emily has this medical emergency that puts her in a coma. Next thing Kumail knows, he's spending all his time at the hospital for a girl he's just met and he has to meet her parents in the worst possible scenario. Also the parents are played by Ray Romano and Holly Hunter. This was charming as hell.

That's all I've got today. I'm working a lot this week? We talked about this alreay, remember? BUT! There will be an on-time Playlist Thursday today, so stay tuned. See ya around.