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Playlist Thursday: Run Away With Me


I never thought of myself as a dramatic person until I typed out that title. It's pushing two a.m. on a Wednesday night and I'm listening to sappy love songs, so clearly I'm doing really great things. If you think I'm about to bash on love, then this must be the first blog post of mine you've ever read. In which case, hi, how are you, thank you for clicking on this blog, I love Lena Luthor, please buy my book. There. Now you're up to date.

So, what's the deal with love, huh? It's just like airplane food. If it's really good, it's a shock. And if it's really bad, it'll give you the runs. Wow. Incredible. Proof that I do not have a career as a stand-up comedian. (I just really wanted to do the whole cliché airplane food joke and it didn't go well.) (Cheese, though?! Amiright?) (Please go watch The Big Sick. SOMEBODY UNDERSTAND MY NICHE REFERENCES)

As a youthful little nugget, I didn't think the phrase "I love you" was the most romantic phrase out there. No, no. Clearly too mainstream for me. I thought "Run away with me" were the four most romantic words out there. Why? Early exposure to Bruce Springsteen albums is most likely the root of all of my character quirks.

(I do still stand by that, though, due to prolonged exposure to Bruce Springsteen albums. Those things really gotta come with a warning.)

In all seriousness, "Run away with me" holds more weight. Think of how few people you'd want to be cramped in a car with for the foreseeable future. Definitely not the same number of people you've said "I love you" to. I think part of the problem is that we expect to love the people we date and that's just not true. We expect to say "I love you" anytime from three to six months into the relationship, but that's just wildly unrealistic. If there wasn't this societal pressure, I doubt anyone would be dropping the love bomb that soon.

When you say "Run away with me" to somebody, that's it. As far as you're concerned, it's the two of you facing the world together in a Chevy truck straight out of a Springsteen song. No concrete home to go back to. Just life in a car on the open road. It's hope and love and a promise all wrapped up neatly in four words. Most of all, it's faith. The faith that this person is who you believe them to be and that you want to travel through the rambling desert with them. That, when you look at the seat next to you, they're who you want to see. No switching out for somebody new at the next mile marker.

There's also just something so inherently romantic about driving. Again, I probably feel this way because of Springsteen, but there's something about the running and the leaving and the going.

Soooooooo, here are the best songs about running away with the love of your life. (Yes, the playlists are getting shorter and I'm gonna justify that by saying that the days are getting shorter and I have less time and I'm still tryna write a sequel to this book.) (Fun fact, though: The picture today is from when I drove across the country to move to L.A. This is from somewhere in Texas near Amarillo. And like, I get it, the sky really is bigger in Texas and their sunrises are really, really pretty.)

Playlist Thursday: Run Away With Me

  1. Run Away With Me by Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk - So, I've been listening to this song for at least twelve years. I've definitely talked about Kerrigan and Lowdermilk before. They're musical geniuses and the musical this is from, The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown, is going (I think) to be on Broadway shortly. It's reworked though as something called The Mad Ones. I don't know, guys. I DO know that I sing this song at least once a day because it's lovely and in my minimal vocal range.
  2. Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - This is THE quintessential song about running away. I feel like I don't even need to justify its presence here??? But I WILL. It's basically about the narrator pleading with a girl named Mary to leave their beachside town in the dust. "So you're scared and you're thinking that maybe/We ain't that young anymore/Show a little faith/There's magic in the night." Um, wow. WOW, Springsteen. Those are some pretty words. Some really forking pretty words to run away to.
  3. Sleep on the Floor by The Lumineers - I'm pretty sure I used this song on the Pumpkin Spicy playlist I made like two weeks ago. But who's keeping score? Certainly not me. The part of this song that gets me every time is toward the end after the dude's like pack a bag, let's go. At the end, he's like "Decide on me/Decide on us." And shoot, that's pretty ride or die there.
  4. Freedom by Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk - Listen. I truly believe that love is not always romantic. You can say that you love your friends and I think you've got platonic soulmates. Friends you're going to spend the rest of your life with, without any romantic intentions. That's kinda what this song is about. It's about Sam and Kelly, two best friends ready to take on the world together. No kids, no mortgage, no map, no curfew. Just youth and the open road. That's a dream come true. This is also from the Kerrigan/Lowdermilk musical, The Unauthorized Autobiography of Samantha Brown or The Mad Ones. Honestly, @Kerrigan & Lowdermilk, fly me to Broadway plz. I love your work. I'm your number one fan.
  5. Fast Car by Tracy Chapman - Uh, so this song always makes me cry, and if you've made it to 2017 without having heard it, I'm impressed. I'm almost positive that it's always playing on the radio on some station at any given point in time. Same with Friends on TV. I really think you can ALWAYS find Friends on TV if you want to. (Friends update: I'm still in season one. Ross is still a li'l shit. Rachel is still the love of my life.)
  6. Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes - In high school, the final project in my AP U.S. History class was to make a video of a historical event. Other groups got Watergate or The Beatles' first U.S. gig. My group got the Oregon Trail. This was in the height of the 19 Kids & Counting fame before the world found out about the sexual assault and Ashley Madison accounts. So we decided to make a faux episode of the show, but in the time of the Oregon Trail. It was a fake Duggar-like family's mockumentary about their travels along the Oregon Trail. I played the Jim Bob Duggar-type character and I had to pretend to shoot my friend's dog with a water gun that didn't have any water in it. The dog had a hand-drawn picture of a bison on it and the dog played all the various animals of the West. ALL THIS TO SAY, this was the song we set the opening credits to. NO, YOU CAN'T FIND A COPY OF THIS ANYWHERE.
  7. Old Mexico by The Summer Set - So, The Summer Set officially announced they were taking an indefinite hiatus, and that's a massive bummer. I've been listening to them since they started like ten years ago. Back when they were a tiny little band on MySpace and when they toured in a terrible 15-passenger van with a cup on their merch table for gas money because they kept getting stranded on highways. They got me through the end of middle school, all of high school, college, and now whatever this is. Adulthood, I guess? They never became the most popular band in the world and I'm sure most of you have never heard of them, but they were my favorite band for ten years. This song they put out five years ago as part of a Christmas EP and they donated all the money to charity. Anyway, it's a sweet song about running away to old Mexico at Christmastime.
  8. Born to Run by Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band - There was genuinely no better way to end this playlist. Honestly. Not just because I am Springsteen through and through, but because I feel like he just gets it. There is nothing more triumphant than this song and the feeling it encapsulates. Feeling like you've got the wind at your back in a terrifying and insanely excited way. "So walk with me out on the wire/Cause baby I'm just a scared and lonely rider/But I gotta know how it feels/I wanna know if love is wild/I wanna know if love is real." SHOOT, SON I'LL RUN AWAY WITH YOU.