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Power Ballads & Strip Clubs

Um, so Bob Seger just gets it.

THIS SONG IS SO GOOD. One time I was singing this in the car with my dad and he was like, why are you singing so intensely and like, Dad, come on, it's an incredible song. Ya gotta sing it with all you've got. I apologize in advance if I ever find this song at a karaoke establishment because it'll get WILD. As wild as a power ballad can get.

(The song is We've Got Tonight btw.)

Despite how incredible this song is, it's not the greatest power ballad on the planet. That honor falls to Canadian legend and icon, Celine Dion, and her classic, It's All Coming Back to Me Now. This song is eight and a half minutes of pure beauty. Yet another song that's rarely featured at karaoke establishments. It's almost like people DON'T want me to put my blood, sweat, and tears on the karaoke stage. Which, y'all are missing the fork out.

If you want an exclusive look at what it'd be like if I ever got to sing this song in front of the public, click here. It's not me, but it's a dude named Jeremy Jordan, and boy just gets how good this song is. However, my version is a lot more tone-deaf. BUT the feelings are there.

Sorry this is going up late. I worked till 1 A.M. last night and I was NOT about to stay up later and write this. I did listen to Taylor Swift's new song, though, so you can see where my priorities lie. I've still got mixed emotions about this new era of Taylor. I just tend to like more Dad Rock stuff, and while she's never been really Dad Rock-y, this new stuff is the polar opposite. Also, I'm just VERY bitter that a ten-minute version of All Too Well exists on this planet and I have not heard it???


Ahem, sorry about that, but seriously, Taylor Swift. Let that gem out into the world.

On a total random tangent, whenever I use/hear the phrase "mixed emotions," I always think of the saddest strip club in New York City called Mixed Emotions. First of all, I can't imagine that name is good for business. I feel like people don't want to be reminded of their possible conflicting emotions before going to a strip club, but maybe I'm wrong. Second of all, I have never been inside, but I can't imagine the inside decor really makes up for the name.

Basically, this strip club has haunted me every single time I've been to New York and someday, I just gotta go in so that I'll finally be free from this.