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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story


So, somebody finally used the Contact page last night which means I now know that it really works and you forkers just haven't ever wanted to talk to me. It's FINE. I'll  continue to toil through life searching for some sort of meaning in this weird, wild world.

How're you guys? Good, good. I'm very tired and my lips are chapped and that's probably more than you needed to know about me. That's more than I wanted to know about myself. It's one A.M. and I am FIGHTING through the exhaustion to write this post. I'm sure most of you are probably like, Tina go to sleep and maybe right something halfway decent in the morning. To that I say, thanks but no thanks.

I've run out of weird niche things to rant about?? I started a new job with some new people and we've all been sharing our favorite movies. Obviously, I said Josie and the Pussycats is my fave and no one had ever heard of it. No one appreciated Grease 2, apparently. Everyone now thinks I pick the underdog movies that nobody's seen and I latch onto them. And I guess they're right.

What I've accidentally noticed when I've met people who work "in the industry" (I know, I'm disgusted by me saying that as well), I've talked to them about the weird, small thing that they did many years ago that didn't get the love it deserved. Like I talked to this VP of Finance and he'd worked on American Dreams, the old TV show with baby Brittany Snow. It's fine. You probably haven't seen it. Anyway, the dude was like that's the best thing I ever worked on and it was ahead of its time.

This is not me weirdly boasting about liking obscure stuff. It's just me saying that I think you should make the things you're passionate about. I mean, I can't imagine walking up to like the dude in charge of the Transformers franchise and his eyes lighting up because this is the movie he HAD to make.

I don't know. Just make something that matters to you because I guarantee you that if it really, honestly, deeply, truly matters to you, it'll matter to somebody else. I thought all those famous people out there who say "If just one person out there liked the book/song/movie/WHATEVER, then it'll all have been worth it" were full of nonsense.

However, I found out a few months ago that I am an idiot. If one person likes it, it IS worth it. I remember getting an email out of the blue one night when I still sleeping in the living room of my friends' apartment. I had just moved to California and I was working two jobs. I still live in California and I STILL work two jobs. Not much has changed in my life except for I now sleep in my own living room. (My apartment is tiny and basically just one long room.)

Anyway, the email was someone who had read my book and liked it. This was a complete stranger who stumbled upon my book and liked it. They liked it. Hey, Mikey. It was the first real feeling that maybe I've got a shot at this. Because maybe if this one person that I didn’t know and who didn’t know me liked it, then maybe I’m on the right track.

So, it's now two A.M. and I might be slightly delirious, but Sally, wherever you are, thank you. It really means the world.