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Niall Horan & Color Changing Baby Spoons

I wish I could wake up at midday just like one time in the foreseeable future. Cross your fingers for me to have a day off sometime soon because I'd really like that. I've forgotten what it's like to not have to do anything all day. Of course, once I actually do get a day off I know I'm just going to spend it watching Friends and then looking at the clock to see that it's 6 P.M. and I accomplished NOTHING, so I don't know which is worse.

Today's quote comes from Niall Horan's new album. Specifically a song called On My Own. I've genuinely never felt more understood by a song??? Kudos to you, li'l ex-One Direction dude, ya did great. Still not enough to eclipse my undying love for Harry Styles, but you're a solid second place. (I mean that as a very nice compliment. I listened to the album all seven hours of my shift yesterday.)

I think I'm going  slightly delirious from work. I went to Target after my shift to get toothpaste and I somehow ended up in the baby section. I don't have babies. I don't particularly like babies (except for my sweet baby angel cousins). But there I was. In the baby section.

They're not even on the same floor. The toothpaste is on the second floor and the baby stuff is on the first floor, so who knows what possessed me to go there. I don't even remember picking them up, but somehow I came home with color-changing baby spoons. Apparently I wanted to test them out last night, too, because when I woke up this morning, the packaging was ripped open. I have ZERO memory of this.

Either I have the world's weirdest reverse burglar or I need to get some sleep. Let's hope for my sanity it's the latter.