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Let's Talk About Your Feelings

Hello, everyoneeeeee. How are you doing? Great. Lovely. I love this one-sided conversation that we have here on this blog.

Today's quote comes from the Pixar movie Inside Out, which basically decimated me. I saw it at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015, and when I saw it, I hadn't seen my family in a long time. That whole opening sequence with Riley growing up and all their little family moments crushed meeeeee. This whole movie is still one of the best things I've ever seen. AND THE CIRCUMSTANCES THAT SURROUND THIS QUOTE. I'm not going to spoil it for those who haven't seen it, but just know that when you get to that part of the movie, I cried. Immensely.

I also wept throughout the entire movie, soooo.

I have also cried in 97% of all movies I've ever seen, soooo. I have cried in Aquamarine. I probably cried in Beverly Hills Chihuahua too. I don't discriminate. I let myself just get wrapped up in the movie, and a lot of times that means I end up crying.

Um, so I don't have much to add today because, you guessed it, I am TIRED. Not much is going on in my life. I wake up and go to work and then I come home and make dinner and then go to sleep, so yes, my life is wildly fulfilling.

BUT, I actually do have something to add. Remember like a week ago when my friend wrote that fun guest post about Stick It? If ya don't, click over here. Which brings me to asking y'all to write your own guest posts about the movie or TV show in pop culture that helped you figure out you were gay. Maybe one day when I get free time I'll write about mine. Don't hold your breath, it'll probably be a while.

I think it's super interesting that most LGBT people I've known have that piece of pop culture that helped them figure out their sexuality. And I'd love to hear yours. This is selfish for two reasons. 1. Because I'm genuinely curious, and 2. I'm tired and this makes less work for me.

Soooooooo submit your feelings!!