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Hello, everyone. It's me again! I'm back from my one-day hiatus. How refreshing. Am I refreshed? No. Am I still here giving you the quality content you want and deserve? Maybe? Y'all must like something I 'm doing because here we are...again...for like the sixth month??

Today's quote is from Thomas Edison by way of John Green's Looking for Alaska. In typing that I realize I've used this quote before, but I'm too tired to try and change this. Mediocrity at its finesttttttttt.

I'm still watching Friends and Ross is still the absolute WORST. He has finally started dating Rachel and somehow, DESPITE GETTING EVERYTHING HE'S BEEN WHINY ABOUT FOR A SEASON AND A HALF, he's still entirely insufferable. I've been told he doesn't get better as the seasons progress, so maybe I'll lose interest?

He's moved himself into Monica and Rachel's apartment and is treating it like he owns the place, simply because he's dating Rachel. Newsflash, bro, you don't get to commandeer someone else's living space and you ESPECIALLY don't get to play the victim card about it.

Last night I saw The Florida Project and holy shirt was that incredible. Sean Baker's the genius behind Tangerine and this is no different. It's about a single mother, Hailey, living in a motel in Orlando, and her young daughter, Moonee. First of all, I call my grandmother Monee, so it was VERY jarring to hear a name so close to the obscure name I call my grandmother.

Anyway, this movie is gorgeous and simultaneously made me miss living in Orlando and make me NEVER want to go back there. Plus, it was super weird to see actual Magic Bands being used in real life?? I don't know, it's very odd to see Disney from the point of view of someone who's not an employee. The final scene of the movie actually takes place inside the Magic Kingdom and somehow, Disney's okay with it.

I cried and, of course, the damn movie theatre brought up the lights way too early so there I sat like a FOOL with tears streaming down my face. I'd just like movie theatres to show a little more compassion for we emotional people who let ourselves get wrapped up in the movies.

Also, Public Service Announcement. Actually, a couple of Public Service Announcements:

  1. I was not joking when I mentioned starting a new segment about advice from my mother, and my mother took it seriously because she emailed me about how great she thought it sounded. So, hi, ask my mom for advice. She's great at it. I mean, look how great I turned out.
  2. I was ALSO not joking about writing in about the movie/book/TV show that helped your Queer Awakening™️. I may be getting a little more free time in my life, so look for mine in the next week or so. But please, drop yours over here.
  3. I know you guys are desperately missing my Supergirl recaps, but don't you worry, they are coming BACK. They had to stop for a reason, but y'all don't need to worry about what that reason was, just know they're coming back. On Monday I will be dropping the two recaps for the episodes that've already happened and on Tuesday I'll put up the one for the fourth episode. They're always going to go up the day after because I don't have a television. Also, if you'd like to buy me a TV, contact me here.