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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

I Give Up

Hi, guys. How are, y'all? I don't know why I continue to ask this because it is a one-sided medium, but it just shows how much I care.

So, what did you guys do this weekend? Fun, fun. Shocker here, but I worked and that was distinctly not the most fun that I've ever had. I made it worse by staying up too late to watch Stranger Things. I may have made my suffering worse by staying up late, but I love Stranger Things so it was worth it. I mean, how could I not? I'm so nostalgic for the '80s even though I wasn't even born yet. I'm really mad that it didn't come out like a week sooner because Steve's outfit with the goggles would've been great for me for Halloween.

Have y'all watched it yet? If you have, you should check out my longer, more eloquent thoughts over here where I talk about the true hero of the show, Nancy Wheeler.

In other worthless pop culture news I'm sure none of you are concerned with; I have decided to give up on Friends. Congratulations, Ross Geller, you are my breaking point.

I wouldn't say I pride myself on this, but I have been known to watch pure trash in the name of cute actresses. I mean, somebody's gotta watch their first shitty indie besides their immediate family. I have taken the burden on for myself. I'm basically a martyr.

Anyway, I've sat through some truly atrocious garbage, but I've never not finished. Did the cute actress I saw King Arthur for die within the first ten minutes? Yes. Did I still sit in that movie theatre for another two hours? Yes, I unfortunately did.

The point is; I've seen bad. Worse than bad. But yesterday, I had an episode of Friends on in the background while I got ready for work. Season 3, Episode 2, to be exact. It's the one where Ross has this fancy event at the museum and he's trying to corral everyone to get ready on time. He's got a precious little time table and no one's sticking to it and he gets more aggravated as the minutes tick by.

Eventually, he blows up at Rachel because she's having a tough time figuring out what shoes to wear. Ross takes this as a personal attack and goes off on her. He actually takes the shoes out of her hands and throws them into the room behind her all while screaming about how he doesn't even care if the shoes match because he just wants to go. Obviously, things work out and he doesn't really apologize, but what else is new.

So that was the tipping point for me. '90s Jennifer Anniston, I love you, but not as much as I detest toxic masculinity.

(Also, I've decided to cap myself at 500 words a day because I'm spending too much time writing this instead of my book, so things are gonna get shorter.)