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@ Lena Luthor: You Can Be My Boss Anytime (Supergirl 3.02 Recap)


The gal pals are BACK. In full force. Lena Luthor is here and ready to be CEO of CatCo. But she's not like any old CEO, she's a fun, cool CEO who doesn't need an office! Kara welcomes Lena to her first day of work by giving her a planner because it's a "Danvers Family Tradition," and all I heard was Kara wants Lena to join the Danvers family. But in a no homo way, of course. I'd just like to point out that she didn't get Mon-el or James a planner, but that's neither here nor there, I guess, because the show is so adamant that they're just friends.

Speaking of, actually making poor Lena Luthor say she has no friends was UNCALLED FOR??? Girl thinks she has two friends, Supergirl and Kara Danvers, and good LORD is it sad that she still thinks those are two different people. I swear, if they make her go evil, I will lose all respect for this show and I will be very mad. She's just a girl trying to make friends and live a life outside of her awful family. Surely somebody understands that in the writers' room, right? RIGHT?

Along the same vein, they've already admitted that Sam Arias will be Reign and like, before the season started, I had no opinion on that. Now? Now I want nothing more than to protect Sam and her daughter??? Also, bless Lena for hiring Sam and being the best boss ever to her. LET LENA HAVE FRIENDS 2K17. Plz. She needs them. She only has two and they're the same person.

Y'know, this was so close to being an excellent episode. It was SO FORKING CLOSE. Finally, Kara was forced to confront all the fears that plague her life because of Psi, played by Yael, who was outstanding as a villain and I hope she makes her way back somehow.

Throughout episode, Kara was bombarded with images of her worst fears. Specifically, being in the pod that flew away from her dying planet and everything she knew. Her family was there, her friends, her life, her culture. And then it was gone. Decimated. The one other survivor was a baby who would grow into a man who would have no actual memory of his time on Krypton.

But Kara does. Kara always has and that's why, to me, Supergirl has always been a much more intricate and compelling hero. Clark Kent can only miss something he never knew to a certain point. But he won't have nightmares of his world being blown apart in front of his very eyes. Kara will. Kara ALWAYS will.

And that's what made the premise of this episode so good because for awhile, it seemed like the show forgot that Kara is one of the damaged superheroes out there. She stands as this massive beacon of hope and love DESPITE going through the trauma that she has. Kara grew up alone on a planet that can never understand her and that, no matter how hard she tries, she will never fully be a part of. It's sad. It's so FORKING sad that she'll never have a normal life. And then she finds out that her family, the people she misses and can NEVER see again, are a main reason why her home exploded. Like, good god, I'm tired and sad for her.

That's why I thought it was some fresh bullshirt that the person in the pod she was envisioning was not herself, but Mon-el. BECAUSE GOD FORBID A WOMAN HAS TRAUMA ALL TO HERSELF THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH A MAN.

Listen, I get that it's sad she had to send her boyfriend away, but, as I've said FOREVER, Mon-el is the worst boyfriend. He's a literal slave-owner, he always talked down to her, he was mean, he always did the exact opposite of what she asked him to do, he thought her wanting to be a hero and save people was the worst part about her, he didn't think she was capable of saving the world, he could've stopped his parents' reign of terror on earth many times but chickened out, and she also only knew him for like four months, if that. So forgive me if I think making Kara's pain only about a boy is trivializing her very real traumatic experiences. (I mean, real in the sense of her fictional life.)

I will continue to go back to this, but Kara's adoptive sister killing one of Kara's last remaining links to her home should've wrecked her. The one person on this planet who constantly makes Kara feel okay is the person who took away a link to Kara's life on Krypton. You tell me how having to send away a crusty piece of white bread...sorry, let me try that again. A literal slave-owner...sorry, I'll get it, I promise. You tell me how having to send away a mediocre white boy (whoops, guess I broke that promise) is even remotely close to that experience. It just won't ever make sense.

Speaking of things that will never make sense, how about the inevitable ending of Alex and Maggie's relationship? Realistically speaking, two lesbians not talking about children until right before their wedding is just not a thing. There's a reason why the U-Haul joke exists. If a lesbian hasn't told you her entire life story and fifty-year plan by the end of the first date, then there's not gonna be a second date.

I get that the actress who plays Maggie has decided not to continue full-time with the show. I mean, they certainly didn't treat her as a full-time character last season, so I can understand if she felt frustrated. HOWEVER, if Maggie and Alex are as meant to be as the show wants me to believe, there are ways to write Maggie out that'd be acceptable. Lord knows The CW finally learned its lesson about shooting lesbians. Or, at least after The 100, I would hope they've learned it.

Send her off to go with with Lucy Lane. Make her get transferred. I don't know! But if I'm truly supposed to believe the reason their relationship fails is because they have different opinions on kids, I just can't. Also, letting their relationship end this way is gonna wreck all of the good press they got for Alex's coming out story last year.

The only plus side to this is that there's a rumor of a Sara Lance/Alex one-night stand during the crossover nights and I need that rumor to come true DESPERATELY.

In conclusion, Lena Luthor has never done anything wrong in her entire life, Kara can, AND DOES, have trauma that doesn't have to do with a boy, Kara Danvers loves Lena Luthor, Alex and Maggie's relationship needs to figure itself out, and I'm still cautiously optimistic.