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Life Update: I'm Still Tired

So I spent last night after work catching up on all my TV shows for the week. I didn't realize this, but I'm almost exclusively watching The CW?? That doesn't seem right. For the amount I sass them, you'd think I'd watch other things...AND YET.

In The CW's defense, not all their shows are as wild as Supergirl.

The quote is from last week's Legends of Tomorrow which, for the MILLIONTH time, you should be watching. Because it's charming and very self-aware that it's a low-key, fun mess. It does not take itself seriously, which makes for a good time in a world where a lot of TV is very doom and gloom.

What I like about Legends of Tomorrow is their new character, Zari.

Zari is a Muslim and a badass hacker who just got recruited to the Legends' mess of a team. She's reluctant at first because she sees just how bumbling and kind of terrible the team is, but they win her over. It's also just so cool to see someone proudly be a Muslim on primetime television.

That's super important because all different types of representation matter. Like I've been saying since the beginning of forever, but it's truly time we start having ACTUALLY diverse representations in our media.

Speaking of another CW show with a POC in a lead role, I know a guy who met Rahul Kohli. He's one of the leads of iZombie. The two got to talking and it was around the time Rahul had just started filming the first season of the show. My friend was like how's it going? And Rahul was like, I'll be honest with you, when I read the first episode, I cried. Why, you ask? Because he had more lines in this one episode than he's ever had in a show before in his entire acting career. That's why representation forking matters. Everyone deserves to see themselves in a positive light in pop culture.

Anyway, I'm tired. Man, how sick of hearing that are you?? Because I'm super tired of saying that and I'd just like one day in the foreseeable future where I don't have to set an alarm to get up. When will that day come? Stay tuned. (@ The Universe: plz let it be around the corner.)