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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

I Make Promises I Can't Keep

The full quote from Monday night's Supergirl is as follows:

Kara, you’re something that we can see, something that we can touch. How are you not a miracle?

Boy, do I love that James Olsen has some screen time again. You can check out my full review of Season Three, Episode Four over here.

My mom told me to stop telling the internet how tired I am...as if that's the worst thing I've told the internet. I feel like crying in Target parking lots is worse than being perpetually tired. Also, mom, I would love to not be tired, but HERE WE ARE.

Anyway, how was your Halloween? Anybody dress up as anything fun? Cool, cool. I am writing this before I go out for the night, so who knows how my Halloween went. I'm gonna predict that I had fun. Wow, that might be the saddest sentence I've ever read. I'm going to stop talking about future me.

This month is National Novel Writing Month and I think this might be the thing that lights the fire under my ass about the second book.

You remember the second book, right? I keep mentioning it as a vague notion and I keep doing nothing about it, so I am going to hold myself to it. I am going to write this forking book during the month of November. I'm basically setting myself up to continue to be tired throughout the month of November.

I never said I was a role model.