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Vegas, Baby

Today's quote comes from Taylor Swift's new song and I don't think that should come as a surprise since I've made it abundantly clear that this is a pro-Taylor blog. I've been kinda lukewarm about her newer songs since they're not really my style, but I'm a big, big fan of this one.

I watched the sequel to Miss Congeniality for the very first time yesterday. I'm not really sure how I made it this long without seeing it because I liked the first one a lot. The second one kinda falls into the same trap that a lot of sequels fall into, but I thought it was fun. And Ron Swanson was there??? As the main villain??? What a weird world.

Since we're in the year of sequels and revamps, give me the Miss Congeniality revamp about the li'l elementary school nugget Priscilla the world NEEDS.

The movie takes place in Vegas for the most part, but I haven't been to Vegas since I was ten. It was stupidly hot and we got M&M's from the M&M's World, but they melted on the way back to our campground. Our campground was the Circus Circus parking lot. I haven't been back since. Can't imagine why when my first experience was so much fun.

What an incredible segue for me to say that I will be at ClexaCon in April next year. What, exactly, is ClexaCon, you ask? It's a weekend-long convention centered around LGBT women in media and it's named after the couple from The 100. The reason it's named after this couple is because of the circumstances surrounding the fictional death of one half of that couple.

I'm not gonna give you the whole backstory, but basically it's a post-apocalyptic show. Clarke and Lexa are the couple and I think Lexa was a general. (I don't know, y'all, I wasn't a fan, but my sister was.) ANYWAY, there was all this build-up to the two of them getting together. The creator of the show kept reassuring fans that Clarke and Lexa would be a couple and that they'd be together for a long time.


Out of the blue, in the middle of the third season, right after Clarke and Lexa have sex for the first time, LEXA GETS SHOT BY A STRAY BULLET. Yeah, not even a direct shot. Like, girl got shot by a STRAY bullet.

She's not even the first lesbian on TV to die this way. And it kind of set off this domino effect where women in the LGBT community finally stood up and said ENOUGH. 10% of ALL TV character deaths were queer women.

And so this convention was born. Out of anger and outrage to find a place of support. A place to ask media to do better when it comes to LGBT representations.

Which is why I'm there because I wrote a book that's got some good, happy gays in it. If you're going to the convention, stop by and say hi. I'll autograph a book for ya and maybe draw a pretty picture if you'd like. (JK, I can't draw so, plz don't ask me to do this.)