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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

Come to My Window

Hi, I’m writing this on my lunch break, so it’s gonna be short and sweet and will ultimately not be about anything at all. Quote’s from an actress named Katie McGrath. She plays the love of my life Lena Luthor on everyone’s favorite, Supergirl. She was talking about acting and how she liked it as a kid, but thought she had to eventually find a real job. I’m pretty sure she has a degree in history from Trinity College in Dublin, so she’s also a smartypants. And I’d also marry her in a heartbeat, but that’s neither here nor there.

What was I doing yesterday that kept me from writing this last night? Nothing. Genuinely nothing. I took a nap while watching the Great British Bake Off. The show inspired me to make cookies after I woke up, but not from scratch. Who do you think I am? I’m a lot of things, but baker is not one of them.

The temperature is in the 60s in California, which means I am SHIVERING. I grew up on the east coast in Maryland. I know cold weather. I used to wear shorts in the snow. Florida ruined me. I was watching the newest episode of Broad City that takes place in Florida and I was nostalgic for about three minutes.

Speaking of Florida, though, everyone should be watching Fresh off the Boat. Their newest episode had a coming out storyline and it might be top five all-time favorite coming out arcs on TV. Constance Wu is a gem.

That’s all I’ve got today because my break’s almost over and it is genuinely too cold for me to be outside in a t-shirt. Come back tomorrow when I’ll be talking about my feelings for Taylor Swift’s new album. T-MINUS FIVE HOURS FOR YOU EAST COASTERS.