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If Everyone Else is Talking About Taylor Swift, Then I Will Too

Hi. Hello. Has your world changed because of Taylor Swift’s newest album? Mine has.........not????

I’m really sad about it, but this album might be the first Taylor album I don’t buy. (I can hear my mother rejoicing in the background.)

As a disclaimer, I will say I haven’t heard the whole thing. Also, I did only hear it through my friend’s phone speakers while she FaceTimed me on her laptop. Ah, modern technology. I hope Steve Jobs is happy somewhere that this is what his products are being used for.

Why did I have to listen to her album like this? BECAUSE SHE DIDN’T PUT IT ON SPOTIFY.

Like, I get it. You don’t want to just put your album out there for free, especially since the album’s tracking to have unprecedented sales. HOWEVER, I was planning on listening to it on Spotify before deciding whether or not to buy the whole album. My mom is also probably proud of that decision. Too bad Taylor Swift is out there making my life difficult.

I’m a big believer in actually buying CDs or records. I know the musicians make pennies, if that, from Spotify plays, and I appreciate the joy their music brings to my life. I’m just on a budget right now and can’t buy CDs whenever I want. I mostly use Spotify to listen to new albums and to listen to Glee because I cannot in good conscience give more money to them.

Anyway, after I listened to her album filtered through two different sets of speakers, I decided that I only really liked four songs? I went to iTunes to buy the ones I wanted and she made them album only! ALBUM ONLY?? What is this?? The days of 45s??? Where you can only buy the singles on their own and you just have to buy the whole damn album otherwise??

Listen, the whole purpose of iTunes is to let you buy the ones you want or buy the whole album. And in this case, I don’t want the whole album because it’s very much not my style of music and not the style of Taylor that I like. Clearly, I’m in the minority thinking this way. And that’s fine. I miss the Red and Fearless days. I even liked 1989, even though it was kind of getting more out of my genre. Call me old fashioned, but I like being able to hear real instruments and not just computer sounds.

WHAT ABOUT THE TEARDROPS ON YOUR GUITAR, TAYLOR? YOU CAN’T CRY ON ELECTRONICS, THEY’LL SHORT CIRCUIT. I get that you’re happy in a relationship, so all your songs are happy now, but some of us are still struggling. Help us out.

All that being said, here are the ones I’m digging so far:

1. ...Ready For It?

2. Dress

3. Call It What You Want To

4. New Year's Day

5. Getaway Car (Maybe. I go back and forth with this one.)

This is me officially pleading with Ryan Adams to cover all of Reputation like he did with 1989. @RyanAdams: Do the Lord’s work.