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Burn Before Reading: A Carly Allen Story

The One Where I (Apparently) Disappointed My Family

Today's quote comes from Joe Purdy's song, It's a Wonder.

Guys, tomorrow is a big day. Massive day. HUGE DAY.

What is happening tomorrow that's so exciting?? I'M FINALLY SEEING LADY BIRD.

I am ready for my life to be changed for the better. I'm ready to see Greta Gerwig's masterpiece. I'm already anticipating a Best Director nomination for her. I haven't even seen the movie, but I'm sure that it's worthy of every single good award in the world.

In the middle of typing this, I genuinely just ordered the Blu-Ray of another movie Greta had a hand in writing, Mistress America. Do I even own a own a Blu-Ray player??? No. But, it also comes with a digital copy. My only complaint with Greta is that none of her movies seem to be on DVD for some reason? Like, Frances Ha was never put out on DVD and neither was Mistress America. Damn shame though. I'd love the Criterion Collection version of Frances Ha, but I guess my life is set-up for disappointment.

Also, I'm going to AFI Fest on Tuesday. 🙌 I'm very excited for it. I've only got a ticket to see Thoroughbreds which is being billed as Gossip Girl meets Heathers AKA everything I never knew that I needed.

Now, that I've talked endlessly about things NO ONE is invested in...I don't even know what y'all are invested in, so there's nothing for me segue to.

We can talk about how I made a spelling mistake on the quote of the day like two days ago and both my mother AND my cousin texted me about it. Apparently, in my family, a grammatical error is more embarrassing than the amount of times I've talked about crying in Target parking lots on this blog. They never text me to ask if I'm doing okay. But GOD FORBID I make a grammatical error and tarnish the family name.

It's fine. I see where the priorities lie.

In case anyone is actually worried about me, I haven't cried in a Target parking lot in AT LEAST two months, so I'd say that I'm basically a well-adjusted adult. An adult that is very tired, but an adult nonetheless.