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Heroes Can't Drive ( #Supergirl 3.06 Recap)


My mom was like, Tina, is anyone genuinely invested in what you have to say about Supergirl? And I'm pretty sure the answer is no, BUT at the end of the damn day this is my forking blog and if I wanna talk ceaselessly about about Lena Luthor, there's genuinely no one to stop me. (Although, Lena Luthor is not in this episode, so you're all free for a week.)

First of all, they had no right starting this Danvers sisters-centric episode off with my favorite HAIM song that makes me cry. NO RIGHT I TELL YA.

Kara and Alex show up on their mom's doorstep because these kids have had a rough go of it. Although, put me on record saying that Alex Danvers looks spectacular despite losing her first relationship.

Kara's trying to convince herself that she's happy giving up the bits of herself that make her human because that's what she's supposed to do as a hero. Eliza sees right through it and is like you're sad as shit, girl.

The two sisters then get into an argument because Kara's trying to force Alex to talk about her life and her feelings when Kara has been closed off since her shitty boyfriend got banished from the planet. I'd just like to say that when it came to saving Mon-el or National City, she chose National City easily and was like sorry, bro, see ya never. Last week, when she had to choose between Lena Luthor or National City, she was like Lena I will NOT let you die.

The argument prompts a flashback and bravo to the casting directors because baby Kara and baby Alex look so similar to their adult counterparts. And baby Alex is rockin' the sweet baby gay vest. While they might hate each other at home, Alex looks out for her lil baby sister.

Baby Kara is a nerd and I forking love her.

She goes on a cute little stargazing date with Kevin, maybe? I forget his name. He's tryna kiss her and she's nervous about, so she chickens out. Honestly, I'm so mad we were deprived of watching lil baby Kara break that dude's nose. Back in season one, Alex teased her about how she's broken multiple people's noses from kissing them and that's hilarious to me.

Oh shit, and Kevin just died. JK, his name is Kenny.

Baby Kara isn't taking it too well and like I can't blame her. Everyone in her life dies or disappears.


Kara Danvers' autobiography

Baby Kara goes back to the forest where Kenny died and where he had the little stargazing date with Baby Kara. Baby Alex shows up too because Kenny was helping her in Calculus, so she's got a soft spot for the kid. They find Kenny's laptop because they think that it'll give them some answers about Kenny's murderer.

On the laptop, they find pictures of one of their teachers making out with a student, Josie, in a car. Baby Alex confronts her and is like this shit's illegal, you're not in love with him. Listen, I love Baby Alex Danvers and her angsty choker and punk rock phase.

Poor Eliza Danvers for having to deal with these two lil shits.

I like how they always have Kara address her mom as "Mom" in a shocked voice because I, too, am shocked that's what Kara's mom's new actress looks like. I always forget they recast her. But like I guess it's not her mom, but it's supposed to be her mom? I don't know. Continuity is wild on this show.

There was finally a scene where Baby Kara low key loses it and is like I remember everything, I remember my parents, my home, my family, and being stuck in that pod. And then she crash landed here with all these powers that she didn't ask for, but she has them and she just wants to make a difference. She just wants to use these powers for good and no one will let her. Poor little nugget.

Oh my god, stoppppppp, IT'S J'ONN. It was J'onn J'onzz, the greatest space dad ever.

Baby Alex isn't taking any of this shit and is like Baby Kara, I need you, I thought we were going to solve this mystery together. But Baby Kara's like I'm not supposed to use my superpowers, so Baby Alex is like fine, I'll go find someone else. Baby Alex finds a police officer who seems shady as hell and is like I've got evidence. He leads her into a deserted classroom.

Meanwhile, Baby Kara gets an encrypted photo file from dead Kenny's laptop and the police officer's apparently on a drug ring. She tries to call Baby Alex, but the cop catches on and pulls his gun on her.

Baby Kara decides to not listen to J'onn J'onzz and use her powers to fly to the stadium where the cop's got Baby Alex. Listen, Baby Alex is so forking chill despite having a gun on her. Baby Kara busts through the wall and knocks out the cop and the sisters are saved.

The next day at school, Baby Alex abandons her popular kids table to sit with Baby Kara at lunch. Apparently, lil Kenny knew that Kara had superpowers, but he never told. And she's like shit if he was still alive, I'd kiss him because he liked all of me.

It's funny how starkly contrasted that is to Adult Kara's most recent love interest, Mon-el. Kenny liked Kara when she was nerdy and not popular and just Alex Danvers' weird, alien sister. He liked her for all the different parts of her. Mon-el said that Kara not only had a hero complex, but also that her desire to want to save people was his least favorite thing about her.

With this flashback episode, we see how deeply Kara cares about people. How much she looks at the powers that she was given as a burden, but also as a way to help. That's all she wants to do with her powers. We don't see her using them to make her life easier (except to mess with Alex, but who doesn't mess with their sibling?). We see her use them when her friends and loved ones are in danger.

Mon-el, meanwhile, primarily used his powers for his own personal gain. I could go on and on for a million years about how terrible of a character he was and how he is the antithesis of what Supergirl stands for, but it's late and I need some sleep.

Anyway, we're back to Adult Kara and Alex waking up in their childhood bedroom. Kara's out on the porch looking through Kenny's telescope when Alex comes out and they have a sweet little heart to heart about how much they need each other. How the only reason Kara feels at home on this foreign planet is because of Alex Danvers. It's why I'm crying at one A.M.

Eliza comes up to Alex and calls her strong and brave, but Alex responds with "not yet." I like that. I like that they're letting Alex not be okay for a while. Maybe it'll last as long as Maggie and Alex's engagement.

It's incredible what this show does when they put the focus back on the Danvers sisters. They are the beating heart of the show. the central love story of the first season was the sibling love of Alex and Kara. The show falters when it forgets that, the second season is a massive example of that. We barely got an interaction between the two of them because Kara's shitty boring boyfriend took over the show.

But I think this was a good start in getting this show refocused on the Danvers sisters. I mean, Kara said it herself. Kara Danvers doesn't exist without Alex and I'm glad the show is remembering that.

All of this positivity is about to go downhill though with the return of my genuine, least favorite television character. He's on par with Ted Moseby and Ross Geller and that is not a compliment.

Until next time.