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No Soggy Bottoms Here

So, I still haven't listened to Taylor Swift's whole album, BUT I did watch her perform her song New Years' Day on some late night TV show. And it made me sad for what the album could've been. Also, the Starbucks I went to on the way to work this morning was playing her Red album and I just wish she spent a longer time in that era of her musical life because that's a damn good album. I think I'm gonna do a Taylor Swift playlist this week for Playlist Thursday. I'm mostly writing that there so that I 'll hold myself to it since I skipped last week. Whoops.

I'm tired. What can ya do?

Remember the other day when I mentioned that my family cares more about grammar than my emotional wellbeing? Well, I ain't wrong. I received a text message from my mother, MY OWN MOTHER, that said. "We've all cried in parking lots and recovered, but the shame of a grammatical error never fades." At least the other family member in question said she loved me. WHERE'S THE LOVE, MOM? HUH?!

Just kidding.

Or am I?

Today is the day that I'm seeing Lady Bird and I am just so unbelievably excited. I would worry that my expectations will exceed the actual movie, but Greta Gerwig has never let me down in my entire life. I'd trust her with the child that I don't have.

I don't have much else to add today since the excitement is wildly overwhelming. Also, it's late and I'm watching the Great British Bake Off and it's one A.M.. I'm on the finale and I'm rooting for Candice because my boy Selasi got booted in the semifinals. Nobody spoil the end of this season for me plz.

There's a guy in the finale who's got a spreadsheet of every five minutes of his five hour bake time and I'm baffled. I barely know what I'm doing five seconds from now. And you'd also think I would've learned something about the different types of sponges and pastries, but I know nothing. All I know are soggy bottoms.