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Playlist Thursday: A Careful Man's Careful Daughter


Everyone and their mom, my mom included, has an opinion on Taylor Swift. I get it, she's super polarizing and has been around for forever. Regardless of your opinion of her musical ability, you have to admit that it's quite impressive that she's kept herself relevant for this long. I used to be a huge Taylor Swift fan. I think I've made it clear that Fearless was my favorite Taylor Swift era and the simple fact that I have a favorite T Swizzle era should tell you that I was a pretty big fan. I've only seen her in concert once. Two years ago, I believe, with my best friend Melanie and (some of) her sisters. It was the 1989 tour. I lost my damn mind. And voice.

Anyway, as promised, here's the definitive list of Taylor Swift's twenty best songs. With limited input from me because I am tired and it's past my bedtime. Also, I ate weird fake meat tacos for dinner and it was one of the worst experiences of my life, so cut me some slack. It's still in before west coast best coast midnight.

Playlist Thursday: A Careful Man's Careful Daughter

  1. Mine - Speak Now: Obviously, since this is the name of the playlist, it had to go first. It's a breezy love song that Taylor does exceptionally well with just enough "us against the world" mentality for sixteen-year-old me to be super into it.
  2. You Are In Love - 1989: I like to pretend to forget that I know who this song is written about. It kinda takes some of the magic away from what is one of the best songs about love that exists in the world.
  3. Our Song - Taylor Swift: She apparently wrote this song for a high school talent show. Kids at my high school talent show poorly sang Defying Gravity from Wicked. It's wild what different lives we've led. But this song is a bop.
  4. Fearless - Fearless: Um, I'm not sure there's anything sweeter than her sentiment of dancing in the rain in her best dress with somebody she likes. But also, I feel like nobody talks enough about the line that goes, "Run your hands through your hair / Absentmindedly making me want you." Like shit, Taylor, way to accurately describe the entirety of every crush I've ever had.
  5. I Almost Do - Red: I used to always skip this song. I don't know why, but I did and it wasn't until like a year and a half ago that I finally listened to it. Just more proof that I am a FOOL.
  6. You Belong With Me - Fearless: This is the quintessential song about the high school experience. We don't need to discuss it. Even if you didn't listen to this song in high school, you know exactly what it felt like.
  7. Red - Red: This album may not have been sonically cohesive, but what a way to open an album. (Technically, it's the second song on the album, but State of Grace just feels like the preamble to this song in my humble opinion.)
  8. Last Kiss - Speak Now: I, too, sit on the floor of my apartment and feel too much. Looks like we have that in common, Taylor.
  9. Call It What You Want - reputation: My jury's still out about this new album, but this was the first single off it that really made me stop in my tracks and get excited. Taylor Swift doesn't shine when she's playing the victim, but she's bright as hell when it comes to love.
  10. Teardrops on My Guitar - Taylor Swift: I used to play this song on my tuba. You're welcome. That's all you need to know...Actually, I take that back. I recently found out that Drew, the boy from this song, showed up on her doorstep sometime after this song came out and I need the full story.
  11. All Too Well - Red: I devoted like a good two paragraphs in my book to this song, so maybe you should just read that. Speaking of need, though; @ TAYLOR SWIFT: WHERE IS THE TEN MINUTE LONG VERSION OF THIS SONG THAT I DESERVE
  12. The Way I Loved You - Fearless: This song is forking wild and I absolutely love it. I mean, realistically, her wanting this shitty bad boy boyfriend is not the best example, but it makes a really forking fun song.
  13. Never Grow Up - Speak Now: Sometimes this song will come on in the car really early in the morning or really late at night and I'll just bawl. Welcome to my turbulent life. I'm probably crying at any given moment.
  14. Holy Ground - Red: For a long while, this was the only song from this album that I had. "I don't wanna dance / if I'm not dancing with you." That about sums up my dancing philosophies.
  15. Blank Space - 1989: So, I feel like this will disappoint my parents, but I've never found Taylor Swift more attractive than when she is ruining the lives of men. This might be the greatest music video of all time.
  16. Sparks Fly - Speak Now: What's that John Green quote? The one about the rain and if people were rain? I know that instead of typing out loud I could've just googled it, but where's the fun in that? Anyway, I like that this era of Taylor Swift was really into rain. I feel ya, kid.
  17. Wildest Dreams - 1989: The predecessor to the next song on this list. Get it, Taylor.
  18. Dress - reputation: This song is too much for my young gay heart
  19. Enchanted - Speak Now: This song is pretty saccharinely sweet. And like who hasn't repeated that mantra in their head after meeting somebody they can't get their mind off of? "Please don't be in love with someone else / Please don't have somebody waiting on you." That line's ripped out of everyone's journals.
  20. Tim McGraw - Taylor Swift: I may not like country, but this song makes me want to get in a truck and drive to Georgia. Until I remember that I never want to go to Georgia in my life again.