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Legends of Flarrowgirl: The Crossover We All Asked For, But Did We Really Need?


Y'know, I always knew Supergirl treated James like garbage, but I truly did not anticipate them having James' only crossover moment be him getting murdered by a Nazi in the first five minutes. It's truly impressive how often my boy James isn't treated nicely. A couple things before we talk about the crossover as a whole:

  • Barry Allen and Iris West continue to be the only fictional straight television people I care about.
  • Bless this show for bringing back King Shark even just for a moment. I LOVE KING SHARK.
  • If absolutely nothing else, this crossover brought the one-night stand of Sara Lance and Alex Danvers, and my life has meaning again. Supergirl is wildly underutilizing Chyler Leigh's comedic timing.
  • Mick Rory is a gem and I love him.
  • It's cheesy as hell that they made Kara sing the song Barry sang from the musical episode last season, but fork if I didn't tear up a little bit.
  • Joe West continues to be one of the best fictional dads on television and I 100% cried at his toast.
  • I love that Mick has essentially replaced Commander Cold with Killer Frost. It's a bizarre team-up I never anticipated, but I forking love it.
  • Supergirl and Nazi Supergirl's fight was super duper cheesy, but I low-key loved seeing Kara fight in the dress she wore to the wedding. It's weird seeing her fight in a not Supergirl outfit. Why does Nazi Supergirl talk like a low-key '50s mobster?
  • I love how EVERYONE consistently realizes that Supergirl is the strongest team member and greatest asset EXCEPT everyone's least favorite so-called star-crossed lover, Mon-el. Like, are they even trying to make him look like a good guy anymore or is continuity of no concern to the writers?
  • I was NOT a fan of Oli and Felicity hijacking Barry and Iris's wedding at all. And WHERE was Joe???
  • That's probably the best thing this crossover did right. They let everyone be a hero. Even the lone two on the shows without superpowers: Iris and Felicity.

I have a lot of issues with the whole Earth-X concept. First of all, since we're living in a garbage time right now where The New York Times published a puff piece about the humanity of Nazis in 2017, I feel like Earth-X should've looked like our world instead of a far-away seeming. Punching twenty-first century Nazis would've made a much stronger political stance...the one they alluded to when they realized the Nazis weren't anachronisms and from a world where the Allies didn't win World War II. This far-off land made it seem like the problem of white supremacy doesn't exist anymore and that we live in a more evolved society that's beyond racism. We don't, but making Earth-X look so different from the Earth we know separates us from that.

Also, the fact that they left Earth-X to be overrun by Nazis is not something I particularly like. It's some straight-up nonsense. They're heroes. They save the damn day and they don't go home until everyone's safe. But they're only apparently concerned with the people of their own Earth. Barry weakly offers his support to the people of Earth-X at the end, but I doubt we're ever going to hear about Earth-X again. Like yeah, Nazi Supergirl and Nazi Arrow died, but that doesn't mean Earth-X is free.

Second of all, when the promos came out, I was hoping that the reason the heroes were in league with Nazis was because they got brainwashed or something. I don't like the idea that there's an Earth out there where these heroes actively chose to be in the Nazi ranks. Especially since Barry Allen and Kara Danvers have been canonically written as Jewish in their comics. That doesn't sit right with me. At all.

And it's not like there wasn't a rebellion on Earth-X the heroes could've been a part of. Earth-X James was acting as Guardian, Earth-X Alex was so fiercely anti-Nazi that she tried to kill her own sister, and Earth-X Winn was the leader of the resistance. If James and Alex can be good on all Earths, why can't the heroes?

It would've been SO EASY to have brainwashing as the reason behind it. Superheroes are such a symbol of strength and hope when all is lost. I know he's Marvel, but Captain America was written by Jewish men in the middle of World War II and the cover of the first comic was Cap punching Hitler. That's hope in the darkest times. A lot of superheroes were born in that time period and it's a damn shame to have to watch these symbols of hope actively choose to be Nazis.

Here's the thing about superheroes; they're good with a capital G. They're like the best person you could ever conceive of. Even if they struggle with how to deal with pain or loss or things like that, at the end of the day, they're here to save the day. They're beacons of hope in weary worlds.

Since the writers for this crossover have made these heroes turn into Nazis, they're saying there's a part of each of them, deep inside, that's hateful. They took these great beacons and turned them into hateful beings. They're saying there's a version of Kara Danvers out there who lived through Krypton dying, woke up in a world that violently oppressed and murdered millions of people, and STILL joined the Nazis?! Not my Kara Danvers.

Which brings me back to my question from above: if Earth-X James, Alex, and Winn knew that Nazis were bad, how the fork did Supergirl become one?

I'm sure there's a way to tell the story they were aiming to tell, but a show that makes an offhand comment about Mengele is not the show that should be telling the story. It didn't have to be about Nazis like this.

My parents are avid readers of my blog, but they don't watch Supergirl. I guess they wanted to feel close to me since I live three thousand miles away, so, without telling me, they tuned in on Monday night for the newest episode of Supergirl. Only problem was, they didn't realize it was the crossover event with all these other characters, so they were CONFUSED, to say the least. And, so, for night two, I asked them to text me their thoughts because I could only imagine how wild they would be.

They also felt the Nazi plot was NOT the right choice, and if this was the first episode of the show they've seen and even they figured it out, then the studio should've figured it out too.

Without further ado, some parental texts:

  • "Assassin is wearing an interesting outfit. Supergirl's sister is very upset."
  • "But wait, C3PO just appeared and shot a green laser. Don't know who he is."
  • "Dad says who knew there was so much banging in the super world."
  • "Poor Supergirl is struggling, strapped to a table under red sunlight and listening to Nazi Supergirl tell her how stupid she is."
  • "My phone's at 6 percent. And I'm 100% sure I'm not making sense. This show doesn't make sense!"
  • "Fun quote. 1st guy says You know I can't say no when you look at me like that. 2nd guy says That's why I look at you like that."
  • Me: "Why'd she pinch her nose?" My parents: "To be mean. We laughed."
  • "More eye beam stuff. Can't stop laughing." (Supergirl's laser eyes really got them good numerous times.)
  • "Who's the guy with the arrows?" (The answer would be Arrow.)
  • "Uh oh, they've reached red light saturation!"
  • "Wayne?" (They meant Winn.)
  • "I believe the other Kara turned off the power just before the guy was going to stick the scary drill thing in her chest. Not sure why he wouldn't use a scalpel first..."
  • "Good Earth Kara is saving Supergirl" (Good Earth Kara is Felicity, so not actually Kara.)
  • "Oh no! Son is telling his wife he's dead. Daughter too? They live in a nice Craftsman house."

(also, regular blog posts are coming back soon. plz stay tuned.)