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Playlist Thursday: Have a Holly, Jolly, But Mostly Melancholy Christmas


Y'all really thought I was going to let Christmas come and go without dropping the hottest saddest holiday playlist???? That's right. I'm back. Ready and armed with the saddest Christmas songs you could ever need. It's not a long list because I don't really do Christmas music. Blasphemous, I know. I like it when it's in the background, but I only have a select few songs that I go out of my way to listen to.

Before we get into that, lemme just address the elephant in the room; yes, it's been a WHILE. Listen, my ruthless editor gave me a deadline (last night) to finish the first draft of the second book in the Carly Allen Trilogy. Which means, not only is the first draft for the second book done, BUT the first draft of the third book has been done for while. Now's the part of the process where I get to sit back and relax. Which means I'm going to work on the book that I worked on during NaNoWriMo. It also means that this blog is officially BACK.

Although, not really back because my family is coming in like three days, so this blog isn't going to be at the top of my To-Do list.

However, since it is the holiday season and it's the season of giving and I am a giver, without further ado, the Christmas playlist you've been waiting for.

Have a Holly, Jolly, Melancholy Christmas

  1. Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town by Bruce Springsteen - At this point, if you're still shocked about the presence of a Bruce Springsteen song on a playlist of mine, I truly don't know how to help you. My dad doesn't think the holiday season officially starts until he hears this song "organically" on the radio. He doesn't say organically. I'm saying organically. Anyway, I don't have the same kind of patience as him and I just listen to this all the time.
  2. Christmas and Me are Through by Your Vegas - This song has been in my life for nine years and I just now heard the actual studio version of this song and it shook me to my core. For so long, I've been listening to a bad audio rip of it because it doesn't exist anywhere. This song's real sad and the guy singing it is like, Santa, Christmas is over because the girl I love left me, so just throw everything away there's no point anymore.
  3. Blue Christmas by The Lumineers - I've had this song on repeat for about two weeks and you may be thinking to yourself, is Tina okay? And the answer's yes. I'm fine physically, but know that my heart is hurting because I can't say more than five words to the cute cashier at Whole Foods. Hence this song. But also, this song's pretty great, heartache or not.
  4. Old Mexico by The Summer Set - RIP The Summer Set, you'll be missed. They put this on a free album they put out many moons ago called What Money Can't Buy. Is this really a Christmas song? No, but they do mention Christmas Eve once. It's more of a New Year song, but I'm not being picky. Speaking of New Year, though...
  5. New Year's Day by Taylor Swift - I like acoustic Taylor Swift songs the most. Sue me. It has virtually nothing to do with Christmas or New Year's, but you can pry this song's spot on this list from my cold, dead hands.
  6. River by Joni Mitchell (And Lea Michele on Glee) - Listen, sometimes Glee wasn't a total dumpster fire and this is one of those times.
  7. Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas by Literally Anyone - This might be my all-time favorite Christmas song and I love just about any rendition of the song. However, Anna Kendrick's version is definitely one of the best.
  8. The Opening Song from Olive the Other Reindeer - If you haven't seen the greatest Christmas film of all time, let me tell you the charming plot of this movie; basically there's this lil puppy named Olive whose favorite holiday is Christmas. One year, one of Santa's reindeer gets injured and Santa says that they'll have to make do with "all of the other reindeer." Lil sweet baby Olive thinks Santa said, "Olive, the other reindeer." So, with the help of a penguin named Martini, Olive travels to the North Pole to save Christmas. It's forking cinema.
  9. My Christmas Card to You by The Partridge Family - This might be the sweetest Christmas song that exists and I don't think enough people know about it. It's one of my mom's favorites and she always tells this story about how she made homemade Christmas cards with lyrics from the song inside. More people should listen to this song and more people should make homemade Christmas cards.

Alright, that's it. Those are the only songs that matter this holiday season. I hope you're getting to spend the season with the ones you love. Please be nice to retail employees. Merry Chrysler (that is a joke, mother. don't change it). I will now return to the SECOND of two Hallmark movies I've indulged in tonight; A Princess for Christmas. The first, if anyone was curious was Window Wonderland.

What have I become.