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Time is a Social Construct, but Happy New Year!

So, I was driving to work this morning and I saw this:

If you can't really see, it's a plane with a banner. The banner says "You look bee-utiful!" and it's an ad for Bumble, the dating app.

First of all, I was unaware that business were still out there using planes as a means of advertising. Certainly not hip, young, millennial companies. I thought plane banners exclusively catered to real estate agents.

What a nice way to welcome 2018.

I also texted two (2!) people "Happy Birthday" instead of "Happy New Year." I don't know how I'm allowed to operate heavy machinery.

I'm not super big on New Years' resolutions. I think they're a scam for gyms to make a bunch of extra money. I do really like this video by a YouTuber named Natalie Tran about how there should be a New Years Resolution Police Task Force that makes people follow through with their resolutions. It's such a weird video, but it gets me good every time.

So, do I have any New Year's resolutions?


I'm gonna be back more on this blog, that's for sure. I know y'all missed me. I certainly missed yelling into the void about my deeply unpopular opinions on pop culture and guilting my friends and family into reading them.

I'm also gonna keep writing. Duh. I moderately enjoy it.

If you're going to ClexaCon in Vegas in April, your girl's gonna be there. I'll sign your book. I'll take a selfie with you...maybe...if I'm having a good hair day. You're in luck. I almost always have a good hair day. Look at this bedhead I woke up to today.

Maybe I'll learn how to pose for a selfie in a normal way between now and April.

I'm going to be moving (again) because I don't know if this California sunshine is for me. I like my days overcast and stormy. That being said, I'd like to be a guest on an LGBT podcast, so if you're in the LA area and you've got a podcast, hit me up.

Also, fingers crossed, there's like a 97% chance I'm going to TIFF again this year. BLESS.

Oh, and I think I wanna get another tattoo.

And that's about it? If you want to tell me about your hopes and dreams for 2018, you know what to do.*

*By "you know what to do," I mean go to the Contact Me page. I'm writing this from my app at work and it won't let me link it. :(