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The Carly Allen Trilogy

The Carly Allen trilogy was born out of a cornerstone of my childhood: teen romantic comedies. As I grew up and started to realize I was gay, I was bummed that none of these really great movies I watched had an LGBT teen as the lead. If they did, it tended to be a heavy tearjerker where someone was bound to die at the end. I didn't want that. So I decided to write the story I searched high and low for as a teen. The story of a high school lesbian not coming out, but coming of age.

This is Carly Allen's story.


Burn Before Reading

Carly Allen is finishing up her senior year of high school. After a rough break-up at the beginning of the year, she’s ready to move on and leave her hometown in the dust. The only problem? She still hasn’t heard back from any of the colleges she applied to. As the end of the year approaches, will Carly be able to figure out her future in time? Throw in a new crush, a moderately successful high school jam band, and a sarcastic freshman to tutor, and it’ll be a miracle if she makes it to graduation alive.

I Didn't Start the Fire

It’s the beginning of the rest of her life…or at least the next four years. Carly Allen has graduated from high school and is poised to begin her freshman year at Oberlin College. She’s leaving everything behind for the promised land of Ohio. While dealing with new friends, classes, a mysterious roommate, and a long-distance relationship, Carly’s trying to find a voice of her own. Packed with more ’80s music than anyone has ever asked for, I Didn’t Start the Fire is the latest installment of the Carly Allen trilogy.


Burn After Reading

 Carly Allen has finally made it into the real world…and it absolutely blows. She hasn’t seen or heard from Mollie Fae in years, and her dreams of writing have long been forgotten. Carly’s lost and alone, and her last-ditch effort to find herself again is to go on a 2,500-mile road trip across the country. Buckle up, throw some Springsteen on the record player, and join Carly one last time on her quest to find true love and the person she knows she can be.

other works

Shadowed Doorways

A shape-shifting detective hunts a homicidal arsonist. A jungle exploration goes horribly wrong. A child’s discovery has life-changing consequences. A deadly plague spreads across the countryside. 

These stories and twenty-two more comprise our fifth edition of the Los Angeles NaNo Anthology. NaNoWriMo participants across the globe submitted short stories involving elements of darkness and concealment. This year’s diverse collection includes the most powerful and fascinating entries we received.

So open that door and take a step into the shadows beyond. Who knows what might be waiting for you inside?


You Like Me! You Really Like Me!

The coolest thing in the world is getting to read what you write about what I write. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

This book series is the lesbian rom com we have all been waiting for. I want a movie. I want a comic. I want an audiobook so I can hear that song out loud!
It’s funny and cute, and if you read “Simon vs the Homosapien Agenda” and/or “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” and thought, “Mm, nice, but where are my wlw?” This. Is. The Book.
— Shannon, Goodreads
This book was so much fun to read and I really enjoyed the story and its themes. I liked the main character’s quirky sense of humor and voice, and this book had me laughing out loud many times. It’s a quintessential coming of age story
— Jessica, Goodreads
Oh my god- this book is sooooo good. I fell in love with Carly Allen completely by page 2, and didn’t want the book to end! So sweet! So smart! So true!
— Thom, Goodreads
I’m very glad I stumbled along this book. It’s exactly what I needed at this time. It’s a book about life and love and everything in between and is exactly the type of book I wish I wrote
— Jess, Goodreads
This novel is predictable in nature, like a pop song, but makes you feel warm and nostalgic as the latter intends. A pop song is meant to make you feel - whether it is the party gungho feel-goods, or the tear out your heart, cry in your pillow melancholy - and this novel gives you that wholeheartedly
— Cody, Goodreads
This book is sooooo fun, I loved every minute of it!
— Mo, Amazon
I read this story for the younger me. I wish this was here for me years ago when I needed it most. I know this novel will be a great addition to any young readers library. Tina, you have truly created something that sends positivity into the world, and I can’t wait to read what happens next.
— Ashley, Amazon
These books are wonderfully light hearted and warm and delicious! I could have used these books growing up here to see happy endings for lesbians :)
— Hannah, email